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Contact Us

The most common reason of contact is to request information about returning an item for refund or exchange.  Before contacting us if you need info about returning an item, please click on a "RETURNS" link on our website. One can be found near the top of our website, one is near the bottom, and links can also be found in the FAQ section (link near bottom of website), or this direct link for your convenience: You should find all the information you need there.

For faster and more efficient service on other issues, we prefer email: 

[email protected]

We also have Live Chat on our website, which will allow you to usually reach a live person during business hours, and allow you to leave an email message at times we are offline.
Our mailing address is:

Cool Pet Stuff
4003 E. Highland Dr
Jonesboro, AR 72401

We no longer offer phone support because email is a much more efficient means of providing support for numerous reasons:

  • No long phone hold times, waiting on a call back, and unanswered return calls ("phone tag").
  • Time zone differences can be an obstacle with calling.
  • Bad phone line connections and lingual accents can hamper phone communications.
  • Links and pictures that are often helpful or even necessary in addressing an issue can't be sent by phone call.
  • Often we need time to research an issue and long phone holds or trying to reconnect by phone at a later time/date can be difficult.
  • Written methods make follow ups easier when needed due to having a written log and eliminate you having to "start over".
  • Written issues can be forwarded when needed with no loss of factual clarity, for example if we need to get a shipping carrier or payment processor involved.
  • Having everything in writing is simply better to avoid any misunderstandings, having written logs for future reference, follow ups, etc

Again, for much faster and efficient customer service, please email us at [email protected]. Also be sure to whitelist our address and/or check your other folders (such as "spam", "promotions", etc) to make sure you see our reply.

Our regular business hours are 9am to 5pm CST (10am-6pm EST or 7am-3pm PST) Monday-Friday, closed on Sat & Sun. We do sometimes ship on Sat/Sun depending on seasonal demand.